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With age comes wisdom, but also, in many cases, with age comes loneliness as spouses, friends, and family relocate, grow old, or pass away. As a result, over time many seniors find themselves increasingly isolated and lonely.

For seniors who have internet access and cell phones, technology can help with staying in touch with friends and family who are far away. Unfortunately, many seniors don’t have access to the technology many of us take for granted.

Luckily there are other options for helping seniors stay connected, active, and socially engaged with others. Most communities have Senior Centers where seniors can regularly meet for fun, group activities such as games, exercise classes, arts & crafts, shared meals, book clubs, guest speakers, educational programs, day trips, and more.

Senior Centers often offer support groups for those who have lost loved ones which can be especially helpful for those struggling after the loss of a spouse or other family member. Programs are available for seniors who are able to live independently with no assistance, but they are also available for those who may need more help.

For those who have mobility issues or who no longer drive, many Senior Centers offer transportation to and from the center, on shopping trips, and out for day trips like the theater, local casinos, or local tourist attractions.

The cost to attend your local Senior Center is usually very inexpensive, or even free depending on location. Transportation services and outings or activities may have an additional cost but are generally less expensive when purchased at the group rate.

Local Senior Centers offer a daily schedule of activities and programs designed to keep seniors entertained, engaged, and to help seniors maintain their independence while still having the opportunity to regularly socialize with others in a safe and supportive community environment.

Senior Centers are a great option when it comes to helping to prevent social isolation and depression. Family members and caregivers can also benefit from these Centers by taking advantage of the help in caring for their loved ones.

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