1.  Sort Socks
  2. Fold a basket of washcloths
  3.  Flip through old pictures
  4.  Listen to music
  5.  Clip coupons
  6.  Go for a walk
  7.  Take a ride by the beach or a favorite quiet place
  8.  Visit an old friend
  9.  Sing old songs together
  10.  Enjoy a visit with a calm pet
  11.  Enjoy a manicure
  12.  Visit the hairdresser
  13.  Shop for groceries with a list and coupons
  14.  Roll coins
  15.  Mix up and roll a batch of meatballs
  16.  Make some cookies
  17.  Invite friends or family over with small children for a visit
  18.  Ask questions about how they met or when they were little
  19.  Talk about historic people or events
  20.  Paint a picture
  21.  Repot some plants
  22.  Arrange fresh cut flowers in a vase
  23.  Read favorite stories or religious passages
  24.  Knit or crochet
  25.  Go through an old chest, drawer, or box of mementos and reminisce
  26.  Cut paper snowflakes
  27.  String popcorn and cranberries
  28.  Record special memories
  29.  Watch an old movie together
  30.  Water the houseplants
  31.  Sit outside in the fresh air
  32.  Put a bird-feeder nearby and watch the birds
  33.  Read the newspaper and talk about the news
  34.  Sweep the floor
  35.  Wipe the counters or table
  36.  Put out treats and watch the squirrels
  37.  Put peanut butter on stale bread and sprinkle with birdseed. Hang from the trees for the birds.
  38.  Talk about famous actors
  39.  Make a collage of family photos and label with names
  40.  Make a family tree with pictures and names
  41.  Decorate sugar cookies with frosting and candies
  42.  Make a gingerbread house
  43.  Make a homemade pizza
  44.  Make holiday-specific decorations to hang on the walls and windows
  45.  Decorate a Christmas Tree
  46.  Make an ice cream sundae
  47.  String cereal on some yarn and hang on the trees and bushes for the birds
  48.  Do a puzzle together
  49.  Make simple crafts
  50.  String beads
  51.  Watch old family videos
  52.  Get some goldfish or a fish tank
  53.  Arrange a collection of stuffed animals or dolls
  54.  Fold the laundry
  55.  Set the table
  56.  Sweep the floor
  57.  Dust the furniture
  58.  Neatly stack magazines
  59.  Go out to lunch at their favorite restaurant
  60.  Spend time around children at the park, or other family members
  61.  Plant some lima beans, sunflowers seeds, or any other fast-growing plant
  62.  Spend time brushing the cat/dog
  63.  Flip through colorful magazines and talk about the pictures
  64.  Play simple card games, like ‘Go Fish’
  65.  Play memory (the game) and match the cards together
  66.  Do simple word searches or crossword puzzles
  67.  Make a scrap-book
  68.  Cut words and pictures from old magazines and make a collage
  69.  Sort a jar of coins
  70.  Collect a basket of pine cones
  71.  Read through old cards from friends and family
  72.  Talk about ‘the olden days’ and record the stories
  73.  Attend local events in the community
  74.  Go to a concert at the local school
  75.  Participate in activities at the local senior center

Finding fun ways to pass the time is critical to your loved-one’s happiness. But it’s not easy finding something to do or talk about when the person you love suffers from dementia. While you may not be able to have a meaningful conversation about the news or current events, there are simple activities that you can do together to make the days less boring for them and more pleasant for you. Some of these activities, like looking at old pictures or listening to music can even trigger unconscious memories in your loved one bringing back moments of lucidity that might not otherwise surface. Hopefully you and your loved one will enjoy some of these ideas!