Historically women have been recognized as the world’s caregivers. They provide care for their families, their spouses, their aging parents and grandparents, but in today’s world, more and more men are assuming the role of caregiver. Females are traditionally considered nurturers while males (traditionally) are not. So what happens when those roles are reversed? How do men handle the role of caregiver and what can we do to support them when they must assume this new, possibly unfamiliar role of nurturer and caregiver?

Of course, we know that not all women are loving and nurturing and not all men are removed from the role of nurturer, but for many, it’s unfamiliar territory. In addition, men are often more reluctant to reach out and ask for help, leading to stress and isolation. But caring for a loved-one 24-hours a day is exhausting and emotionally draining, particularly when caring for a patient with dementia. For the sake of the caregiver and the care recipient, asking for and receiving help is vital to one’s emotional well-being.

The number of Male Caregivers is on the rise, however are they getting the support and care that they need?  Join host Tami Neumann as she sits down in conversation with Rick Lauber as they talk about the unique needs of the male caregiver.


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